Japan Medical Technology Market Overview

Written by     Published in Blogs on 22 May 2018

The fast-paced aging society demands economical solutions especially for chronic disease care.

Aging Society

  • The percent of elderly (65+) Japanese will grow from 27% in 2015 to 32% in 2030 and 40% in 2060
  • The aging of the society puts tremendous strain on the economics of the healthcare system, since healthcare for the elderly cost more per capita than for the young.
  • Caring for chronic healthcare needs of the elderly is going to be critically important for Japan’s healthcare system and the society in general.


Japanese population forecast - The fast-paced aging trend will continue

CDI May2018 1

Japanese social security cost trend - The aging society keeps pushing up healthcare cost pressure

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Japanese mortality ratio by disease in 2012 - About 60% come from lifestyle chronic diseases

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Effect of the aging society on the medical device industry in Japan

  • The economical solutions for chronic disease care are strongly expected in Japan to overcome the continuous healthcare cost pressure.
  • As the major initiatives, Japanese government has been expanding and supporting “Homecare” and “Telemedicine” while tightening up acute care at hospital institutions to lead more cost efficient treatment.
  • To improve both of patients and physicians experience in Homecare and Telemedicine, Japanese physicians and medical device companies have become keener to the relevant innovative technologies (such as monitoring and sensoring technologies).
  • There should be business opportunities in Japan for Israel medical device companies which develop such technologies.

Breakdown of hospital beds in Japan

Japanese government aims for 2025 at increasing Homecare while tightening up the overall beds to lead more cost efficient treatment.

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Example of Telemedicine ("telemonitoring")

Telemedicine practices has been increasingly taken placed in Japan with the relevant medical technologies.

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