Erez Zecharia

Erez Zecharia

Sales Manager - Medical & Industrial, Tamuz Electronics

Thursday, 10 December 2020 11:19

New Cell Technology

Today, many companies develop and manufacture portable products which operate independently without a power connection (AC). This market is developing at a rapid pace and there is a growing demand for finding small sized cells with high energy density.

In addition, there are products where it is very important that the cells have high discharge / charge cycles and low loss of capacity during the cycles, even if it comes at the expense of the cell size.

Today, there are cells on the market with an energy density between 150-220WH. Therefore, in these two issues, cell manufacturers are investing in development in order to meet the growing market demand.

Regarding cells with high energy density, we have two series.

Today electronic equipment is becoming portable and the demand for better batteries with higher capacities, smaller size and lower weight is increasing.
In every field and especially in the medical field, it is of great importance to choose the battery (type of chemistry, capacity, power, physical size of the battery or cell, etc.) and the required protections (protection circuit design and / or protection component selection) to suit product requirements. If required by the customer, a data communication card can be added in the SMBus protocol.