Israeli FemTech startup OCON Healthcare appointed the President of the World Congress of Hysteroscopy Prof. Sergio Haimovich to its Chief Medical Officer

Modiin, August 24, 2020 - OCON Healthcare, a biotech company which develops, manufactures and markets a spherical intrauterine device based on its patent-protected IUBTM (Intra Uterine Ball) technology platform, has announced the appointment of Prof. Sergio Haimovich to being its Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

World renowned Prof. Haimovich serves today as the President of the World Congress of Hysteroscopy, and Head of the Gynaecology and Hysteroscopy Day Unit at Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Israel. He is the first in the world to develop and perform hysteroscopy procedures using a laser, and the only doctor in Israel who performs complex hysteroscopies without anaesthesia. Prof. Haimovich performed over 5,000 surgeries using this method, making him one of the few experts in the world in fertility hysteroscopy and a renowned expert many seek to learn from.

"By 2020 it’s been made clearthat effective solutions to uterine medical problems should stem from an understanding of the uniqueness of this organ, and that these solutions should be able to improve patients' quality of life while reducing the level of invasiveness of treatments and pain during procedures themselves" Said Prof. Sagi Haimovich, OCON Healthcare's newly appointed CMO. "I am proud to join a company that is considered a global leader of this trend, and to lead its medical research and team of experts, mainly due to the vast potential of the IUB spherical platform, which allows to accurately match the therapeutic applications to each specific medical condition, thus serving as a first-of-its-kind platform. I look forward to taking part in the current on-going studies, OCON’s strategy for a global footprint and further research and development with this platform in the future."

In his previous roles, Prof. Haimovich led the hysteroscopy unit at 'Der Mar Hospital' in Barcelona, ​​and before that he served for nine years as a senior gynaecologist at the 'Sant Jaume de Calella Hospital' in Barcelona. Since 2006 he served as a member of the Development Committee of the Rehabilitation Authority of Catalonia.

Prof. Haimovich graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona. He holds a PhD in medicine with specialization in gynecology from the 'Vall d-Hebron University Hospital'.

Managed by Ms. Keren Leshem, OCON currently operates commercially in 30 countries around the world, including Israel. The company has distribution agreements in the cumulative amount of more than $35 million for the upcoming years, and existing sales of about $7 million thus far for their innovative IUB Ballerine® non-hormonal, long-term, reversible contraceptive.

OCON's flagship product, the IUB Ballerine®, has CE, AMR and NHS regulatory approvals. The company has 3 additional intrauterine products, which are in various stages of development on the IUB platform. The SEADTM, currently in phase II clinical trials in Europe and soon in Israel, is a unique non-invasive procedure to treat AUB (abnormal uterine bleeding) which 1 out of 4 women in the fertile age range suffer from, with only hormonal or invasive solutions (including a full hysterectomy) available today. The global surgery market for treating AUB, including ablation procedures and full surgical procedures, is expected to reach about $1.3 billion by 2024.

Both products use OCON's innovative IUB platform, which is made of elastic memory-shape nitinol wire that perfectly fits to the shape of the uterus cavity.