Virusight Diagnostic’s solution for instant COVID-19 screening demonstrates high correlation to PCR in pre-clinical testing in Spain and company signs an MOU for 50 million tests in APAC

Ramat Gan, Israel, November 12, 2020, Virusight Diagnostic, a newly formed AI healthcare JV of Sheba Medical Center and Newsight Imaging, reported today that its AI solution for a COVID-19 1-second test, has demonstrated excellent correlation to PCR. The pre-clinical testing has been performed by Microbiology and Molecular departments at leading hospitals in area of Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla -León regions and included hundreds of real swab samples of COVID-19 infected and non-infected patients, taken before PCR. In this initial test, Virusight Diagnostic's solution demonstrated a very high correlation to PCR while testing 130 non-labeled samples out of a total 330 samples.
Virusight's instant screening solution is based on licensing of Newsight Imaging's SpectraLIT™ - a game changing spectral device, together with a special AI software. The device is capable of checking a swab's UTM liquid, or mouthwash, in only one second, using an absorbance spectrographic method. The company has signed an agreement with Lambra ,which specializes in marketing medical products in Spain, led by Mr. Yaron Navon to perform pilots in Spain and distribute its solution to Lambra's customers.

Virusight currently has 26 active pilots with leading hospitals around the world, aiming to achieve local validation of its technology, parallel to its efforts to obtain regulation approvals. The pilots are conducted in collaboration with local partners, such as Lambra, and AI Innobio, the company’s partner for the Asia Pacific region.
Alongside European countries and other areas worldwide, Virusight has already secured its distribution in Asia Pacific, signing an MOU with AI Innobio to sell 50 million tests to APAC countries to be used within one year.

Yaron Navon, Owner and Managing Director of Lambra " We are focused on the commercialization of products designed to fight against COVID-19. So far, we offered Rapid tests for anti-bodies and antigens. Our goal is to bring this revolutionary solution to the market, so we are currently immersing ourselves in pilot trial runs with the SpectraLIT™ product which guarantees reliable COVID-19 results in seconds using patient’s swab or mouthwash sample".
The Chairman and acting CEO of AI InnoBio Dr. George So: “I am so excited to bring the SpectraLIT™ technology to the APAC region. AI InnoBio has signed MOU with partners in eight countries in this region to introduce the “FAIR” AIIB SpectraLIT™ COVID-19 quick test solution for the current pandemic. We will soon start pilot studies in 5 countries including India, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, etc. AIIB SpectraLIT™ is "FAIR" because the technology is Fast, Affordable , Innovative and Reliable. This quick test can be used as a screening device between countries to safeguard travel bubbles and kick start economy recovery in the APAC region”.
Eli Assoolin, Board Chairman and Acting CEO of Virusight Diagnostic added: "Virusight is in a great momentum forward. Our solid concept of "validation before business" proved to be successful and attractive for our selected partners, such as Lambra and AI Innobio. Virusight Diagnostic’s solution, powered by Newsight Imaging’s technology and Sheba Medical Center’s excellence, is about to enable affordable mass screening checks for everyone, and help the world resume normal life. We are very excited to be a part of this important goal".