Experienced R&D Engineer @ Matrix - September 2020

03 September 2020
Location: Caesarea

Job Description:

Experienced R&D Engineer @ Matrix

Required Qualifications:

• B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent degree from a well-known institution.

• 7+ years of hands-on experience building high performance software systems using C# and the .NET framework.

• Strong understanding of multithreaded code, synchronization methods and high-performance computing.

• 3+ years of experience with Python software development.

• Robust debugging, optimizing and unit testing skills.

• 2+ years of experience with C++ software development is a strong preference.

• Experience with signal processing for medical applications is a preference.

• Experience in developing for SW/HW integrated systems (such as medical devices) is a preference.

• Excellent communication and writing skills in English.

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