R&D Project / Team Leader, Charged Particles Beamline @ HIL Applied Medical - January 2021

21 January 2021
Location: Jerusalem

Job Description:

About HIL Applied Medical:

HIL is a cancer therapy company on an accelerated growth path. We are developing a new class of compact, high-performance proton-therapy systems. Proton-beam therapy is an established, advanced form of radiotherapy, with proven clinical advantages to patients and healthcare systems.

At HIL we apply a novel approach to particle acceleration and beam delivery, combining Nobel-Prizewinning ultra-high-intensity lasers with nano-technology and advanced magnetics. These technological breakthroughs enable meaningful reduction in the size, complexity and cost of proton therapy systems without compromising clinical utility.

Thus HIL aims to enable, for the first time, a proton therapy solution that is truly affordable and cost-effective - key to widespread adoption of this important therapy, enabling a $40B global market.

HIL Applied Medical is a privately-held company, backed by VCs, global strategic partners and non-dilutive sources of funding – including multiple EU (Horizon 2020) grants and blended financing instruments. We are headquartered in Givat Ram, Jerusalem, and have a wholly-owned subsidiary in the US.

Description of the Position:

The particle beam team / project manager is responsible to lead the development of a beam transport system that will deliver the charged particles from the accelerator to the patient/tumor. He/She is a handson, multidisciplinary scientist with a demonstrated background in beamlines for charged particles. Building on HIL’s existing in-house personnel and external collaborations, he/she lead a dedicated team of scientists and external collaborators that develop novel concepts of particle beam transport to correspond with the unique properties of laser-plasma particle accelerator. S/he works with a high level of autonomy, developing and executing workplans, designing experimental setups, proposing novel conceptual designs and working with external consultants & suppliers on implementation and manufacturing of the beam line. S/he is expected to be knowledgeable of the relevant scientific literature and to follow the progress of the scientific community in particle therapy.


• Overall leadership and management of all R&D activities related to particle beam transport.
• Developing and executing multi-year workplans and budgets;
• Hiring and personnel development for the team under his/her leadership;
• Work with third parties in industry and academia – e.g. CERN, Sigma-Phi, AML and others - to design and manufacture prototype beamlines to meet HIL’s system requirements;
• Explore novel and exotic concepts in particle beam delivery with an emphasis on novel superconducting magnets;
• Lead the design and conduction of proof of concept experiments related to magnetic beam delivery systems;
• Lead the purchase, installation and commissioning of necessary lab equipment;
• Provide leadership selecting core technologies for the company’s product under development – Alpha, Pre-Beta, Beta and Commercial.
• Identify patentable subject matter within the company’s R&D output. Work with company’s IP counsels to expand IP portfolio.
• Assist in grant-writing and investor presentations;
• Report directly to CTO / CEO / VP R&D. Work closely with leaders of the proton acceleration R&D team, finance and operations. Perform managerial and other duties as necessary

Required Qualifications:


• MSc in physics, engineering, or an equivalent degree. PhD-level education is preferable.
• Minimum 3 years industry experience; or an equivalent background as a post-doc or similar position.
• Proven team-building and leading capabilities.
• Demonstrated expertise in charged particle optics and particle beamline design.
• Experience in proton beam line design - strong advantage.
• Experience in medical applications of proton radiotherapy – strong advantage.
• Experience partnering with external suppliers for the development of new processes and technologies, as demonstrated with commercialized products - advantage.
• Hands on lab research experience in magnetics, cryogenics and/or superconductivity - advantage.

Soft Skills:

• A strong desire to work in a challenging, dynamic startup environment; be part of an international team; live at the bleeding edge of technology – where the risks are big and the rewards are even bigger - for the betterment of the human condition.
• Excellent written and verbal communications and presentation skills are required (English).
• Strong ability and desire to coach and train team members under his/her leadership.
• Must have a sense of ownership and a desire to drive a project from inception to full production.
• Scientific curiosity & creativity.

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