Cadex Provides System Reliability to Amazon

The year was 2016. The need to replace batteries or recharge a device during an employee’s work-shift resulted in a substantial incremental cost to Amazon and they needed a permanent solution.

Adequate power is essential to ensure maximum equipment performance and reliability; diminishing batteries are one of the leading causes of portable scanner failure. Countless dollars are lost annually to battery-related costs. Simply put, downtime shouldn’t be an option. With Cadex’s expertise, we solved Amazon’s problem with a quick and straightforward solution: implementing an effective battery maintenance program with Cadex C7000 Series that saved the company a lot of time and money.

Amazon was so happy with Cadex’s solution that they implemented the C7 across their warehouses worldwide. Our Channel Partner involvement and assistance at the beginning of the process with Amazon was vital. The success of this partnership has made Cadex an integral part of their global warehouse and logistic process for the past five years.

The C7 Series of battery analyzers service lithium, nickel, and lead-acid batteries on the same device with a simple adapter change. Its simplicity and user-friendly capabilities have made the C7000 Series Battery Analyzers the world’s leading battery analyzers. With features such as a boost to awaken sleeping Li-ion batteries and custom programs to prepare Li-ion for shipment, the C7000 analyzers masters battery testing to its fullest.