VinaTech News and Products Announcements

VINATech is the leading supercapacitor manufacturer and provides an energy-saving device including Hybrid Super Capacitor and Lithium Hybrid Capacitor. VINATech provides Fuel Cell materials including Catalyst support, Pt/C Catalyst, and Membrane Electrode Assembly(MEA) comprehensively with securing Carbon technology which VINATech has researched and developed for environmentally friendly future growth. It is applied as many as areas from Social Infrastructure for building Smart City to hydrogen fuel cell-related area.

Product News

Emergency lighting is a focus application for VINATech and to better support this market we have been working on new 18mm diameter VPC products. We are pleased to announce that the first of these products is now available to sample.

The VEL18403R8757G is 750F, 3.8V rated in an 18mm diameter x 40mm can size with the capability to support load currents of up to 250mA for 1 hour even after 5 years of operation at 3.8V, 25C continuous.

Not only will this allow us to offer a much smaller solution than the current 360F & 500F EDLC offering but it will also be lower cost. We also expect to add an 18x65mm version to our offering in the coming months, this should be ~1200F and be able to support up to 400mA for one hour.

Application News

This short video shows supercapacitors being used in a handheld dental x-ray machine, highlighting the rapid charge capability and ease of use due to its lightweight design.

X-ray applications are already a key target for VINATech but this video also shows how supercapacitors can be used in any device that is only used for a short duration and where a rapid recharge is ideal. Things like power tools, electric toothbrushes and toys (miniature drones, remote control cars etc.). The use of supercapacitors gives not only rapid recharge but allows for a lightweight design and an operating life in excess of 10 years!