CADEX Adds Top Profile Equipment to Portfolio – The Quick Vision Active

Cadex is excited to announce an outstanding new addition to the company portfolio: the Quick Vision Active—an advanced CNC Vision Measuring System by Mitutoyo. The state of the art measurement tool uses edge detection, pattern recognition, high-quality zoom optics with interchangeable lenses, and a range of magnifications to meet the challenges of measuring small features. The fully programmable, automated high-speed QV Active system provides operators with a compact, space saving ergonomic design, with superior accuracy and repeatability of measurements enabled regardless of the skill level of the operator.

Initially acquired to meet the demands of a new contract awarded by one of the largest medical companies in the world, the addition of such highly sophisticated equipment represents an exciting shift in Cadex’s competitive capability.

As Cadex head of Engineering and Product Development Avi Kapri says this machine improves quality control for almost all manufacturing processes due to the high accuracy fully automated metrology equipment, assists in the development of new products, allows Cadex to better support its existing customer base and, last but not least, better position and chance of wining new bids.
Stand out features of the Quick Vision Active begin with the undisputed reputation of the product’s manufacturer, Mitutoyo—world renowned as best-in-class in metrology. Additionally, the equipment represents an all-in-one precision measurement tool, blending both CMM and probe measurement into one machine—allowing both non-contact and contact measurements to be combined in a single platform.

High efficiency and reliability is enabled by intelligent and automated feature processing tools and powerful QVPAK 3D vision software, allowing statistical analysis and unattended inspection. The combined capability of these features leads to faster access to data, while reducing the risk of human error. As Kapri notes, “We not only save the time and effort on not having a human involve in the inspection process at all time, but we actually increase the reliability of the data quality and data processing.”
The system makes for a proud addition to the Cadex portfolio, and places the company in next-level position for future prospects!