D.C. contactors for Electrical Traction TECHNO Series

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Our Product:

D.C. Contactors for TECNO Series

Main features of the range

The TECNO series contactors’ range, compact but powerful, has been designed to be suitable for the traction and material handling fields using direct current.
Such contactors can be applied to lift trucks, industrial cleaning machines, various services on board of ships and boats, as well as to road and rail transport vehicles.


The d.c. coils feature terminals with 6 mm connections for the TECNO 6 series and screw connections for the TECNO 4 series.
Standard duty is :
- for T 106, T 206 intermittent operation (80 %)
- for T 154, T 204 intermittent operation (80 %)
- for T 106 C , T 206 C intermittent operation (50%) with maximum working time of 15 minutes ( temporary duty ).
Normalized voltage is : 12 - 24 - 36 V
Different coils with continuous duty are available on series T 106 – Option P.

Integral protection

The cover is completely protected from oil, water and dust.

Main contacts

The contactors have silver alloy double breaking contacts, resistant to arc, suitable for heavy duty. The TECNO 6 Series is formed also by contactors with main contacts 1NO and 1NO+1NC; further it is possible to provide a motor reverser that includes both the d.c. contactors 1NO+1NC with the electrical connections. NC contacts are not suitable for making or breaking current.

Correct use of the motor reverser

The used contactors have fast drop-out time (8 msec) and relatively long pull-in times (approx. 25 msec). In this way, safe reversals can be carried out the risk of the contacts being closed at the same time. The use of suppressor diodes, however, increases drop-out time, and therefore it is important to choose the most suitable type of suppressor (diode + resistor).

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